Sunday, 21 June 2015

Crazy "Web Page Loading.." designs

Crazy "Web Page Loading.." designs and effects

If you want to use some crazy designs in your website.. Here are some Crazy web page loading designs...

1. Stickman Seesaw Loader

Ha Ha Ha... Its pretty cool... Interesting design by Peter Klein. Perfect use of jQuery, html and css 
Don't forget to hover...


2. Toilet-roll Loader

Its ugly but still different and crazy...... Another design by Peter Klien. Interesting point is ... It is made up of Html and css only....

3. SVG Loading

Its something different.. Something unique.... Very good use of Javascipt.
Must check out ..

4. All in one animation

If you want to try different loading effects but want to make it simple but crazzzyyyy.....
Check out all in one animation ..

5. Dancing Girl

I like this one most... Must check out once.. Fantastic art, pencil shade design and sweet little girls..
And its all with just Html and css and one gif

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