Saturday, 13 June 2015

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile and desktop Developer tools preview

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile and desktop Developer tools preview

Microsoft is now thinking more about developers, proving that "developers Rocks!!!". Before the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft launched Developer tools for Mobile and desktop app building. You can download Preview tools, play with them and read out documentations.

" Windows 10 will be an exciting release for developers, with support for Universal Windows apps that run across all Windows 10 devices. With this preview release of the Windows 10 developer tooling, you have the opportunity to experiment with the new platform capabilities while we continue working to finish Windows 10. "
                                                                                              -As Written on Microsoft Website

You have to follow following steps to get started:

1. Install Windows 10 Insider Preview

You’ll need a Windows 10 PC for all Windows 10 development. Join the Insider Program, and then follow the Insider Program’s instructions to install Windows 10 Insider Preview.
I would suggest you to install it using VirtualBox.

I found a cool post that can help you :
click here to visit
2. Install Visual Studio Community 2015 RC
The Windows 10 SDK and all of the tools, emulators, libraries, headers, and other files you need to develop apps for Windows 10 are included in this version of Visual Studio. An updated version of the Windows App Certification Kit is also included. You don’t need to download any other tools in order to develop apps for Windows 10.

3. Microsoft windows 10 developers guide

Microsoft have very cool Developer's Guide ( I think it is written by aliens... ha ha ha )

4. MSDN Flash newsletter

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