Saturday, 1 August 2015

Crazy Material Design Examples

Crazy Material Design Examples

Material Design

Created and designed by Google, Material Design is a design language that combines the classic principles of successful design along with innovation and technology. Google's goal is to develop a system of design that allows for a unified user experience across all their products on any platform.
Material Design makes more liberal use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows. Designer Matías Duarte explained that, "unlike real paper, our digital material can expand and reform intelligently. Material has physical surfaces and edges. Seams and shadows provide meaning about what you can touch." Google states that their new design language is based on paper and ink.
Material Design will gradually be extended throughout Google's array of web and mobile products, providing a consistent experience across all platforms and applications. Google has also released application programming interfaces (APIs) for third-party developers to incorporate the design language into their applications.

You can read more about material design here

Following are some crazy material design examples you can use in your website.

1. Material Design Responsive Table:

Table design with material design looks awesome. Check out code by clicking below.

2. Material Design Buttons

Crazy look for buttons can be achived with material design.

3. Material Design Form

This is my favorite one, Form with material design.

4. Material Design Preloader

You can see preloader commonly in many Google apps.


5. Bootstrap With Material Design

You can also use bootstrap with material design check out following demo.


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